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Holding space for personal, interpersonal & societal transformation in collaboration

with the land

Our mission is to nurture a space near London Ontario where together we embark upon journeys from self discovery to community healing


Explore Journeyland’s vision in

spoken word format through these three poems

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Reside Reflect Retreat Reconnect Replenish

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Our vision is a world where humans live in harmony with ourselves, our more than human relatives, and the planet.

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Trauma can be experienced at any age and across generations. A healing centred approach offers a more holistic approach to fostering well-being. Our goal is to bring together collective healing practices found throughout history and across the land.


Inspired by and in service to nature. Land as a teacher has many layers, including language, geography of stories, cosmologies, world views, land protections and rights, relationality and accountability, a connection to reconciliation, and much more.

Inclusive & diverse

We hope to create spaces and build communities where we feel safe, respected, and comfortable in being ourselves and expressing all aspects of our identities. It is a place where each person shares a sense of belonging by appreciating our uniqueness.


Nonviolence seeks to defeat injustice, not people. Nonviolence is the practice of not causing harm to others and comes from the belief that hurting people, animals and the environment is unnecessary to achieve an outcome.

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We are all one

Many cultures shared a concept of interconnectedness. We recognize our relations to all life around us, and seek to work collaboratively with people and groups from many walks of life.

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Women in Community Garden


We envision a place that welcomes people from all walks of life and across different stages on the journey

Alone & together

We imagine some will join for solo adventures, while others will want to bring their family or their team to be part of the experience

Do the work

We know many of us desire to do the work in community, and Journeyland will invite us to walk this walk together


We will create intentional space for Indigenous, Black and People of Colour to feel safe in collaboration with partners from our communities





  • Team Workshops
  • Personal Development Retreats
  • Outdoor & Wilderness Adventure
  • Idea Incubators
  • Social Innovation
  • Building Communities of The Future

  • Permaculture & Ecology
  • Natural Building
  • Meditation & Yoga
  • Natural Health & Wellness
  • Web3 & DAO Residencies
  • Music & Art
  • Plant Medicines
  • Forest Bathing
  • Festivals


Retreat Centre

A communal space for us to gather, learn, dance, share meals, work, and build community.

Event Venue

A multi-functional space to host festivals, parties, exhibitions, workshops and retreats


We want to care for the land and grow food, medicines and beauty. From communal plots to learning gardens, the soil will guide us.

Co-living Accommodations

JourneyLand is an experiment to remember the skill of community and reimagine how to live together in a communal way.

Workshop Spaces

An invitational space for hosting indoor and outdoor learning experiences.

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Personal accommodations for creative projects, study and meditation retreats.

Journeyland’s Journey (Yes, we are on one too)

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This website was launched in December 2022, following years of research and dreaming. The vision is currently being curated by a crew of six people and we are inviting others to join us in shaping its future.

In 2023, we are bringing together folx in our community to discuss,

dream and design Journeyland’s map for its near future, hosting events and workshops including the Self-Love Mini-Journey and Belonging, with more to come.

We will update our website as more pilot programs become available. Join our email list to receive these invitations first.

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Join our email list

Thank you for connecting with our vision.

WE hope to purchase and Steward land in the spirit of cooperation.

We Are exploring Community Land Trusts, Community Finance, and other ways we can Be Collective Stewards.


"This was a great event and I hope we can have more soon. This re-invigorated my sense of community here in London and I felt like I wasn't alone anymore for the night. More events would be incredible!"

- Belonging Participant

"Having been to the Journeyland Social and Retreats, its community continue to expand in magical ways. It's a blessing to witness our authentic selves come together and each contribute our own unique genius. None two gifts alike, and yet we are walking this collaborative dream together towards a healthier world."

- Belonging Participant

Phenomenal day of rest and reflection. A beautiful mini journey in building your relationship with your self.”

- Self-Love Mini-Journey Participant

We live on the traditional territories of many nations including the Anishinaabe, the Haudenosaunee, the Lunaapeew, the Wendat and the Mississauga.

We acknowledge the inherent and treaty rights of the Indigenous peoples of Turtle Island including the many diverse First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples who have and continue to steward this land.

We commit to the teachings of the Two Row Wampum and the One Dish One Spoon Wampum; and our duty to reconcile, learn more and create safe spaces for Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives to meet and discuss the issues that matter to everyone.